Bansal Hospital

Owner Name - Dr. Sarat Bansal, Dr. Taru Chhaya

Bansal Hosptial is a multifacility and multispeciality complete family care hospital with 15 bed facility containg general, private, deluxe and super deluxe wards.

The hospital has a dedicated team of very competent doctors and dedicated highly trained nursing staff to provide highest level of care. There is supportive care, well equipped laboratory and diagnostic centre, pharmacy and round the clock emergency services.

With the vision of providing Superior Health and Preventive care solutions at affordable prices, Bansal Hospital, is committed to serve every patients. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies combined with the vision of meritorious specialists who bring to you the services par International standards. The multi-specialty Hospital offers wide range of healthcare solutions under its umbrella with the forte into Women Health care.

In Medicine Deptt:- Dr Sarat Bansal, senior and experienced physician takes care of all general, respiratory, cardiac, gastro-intestinal, skin, thyroid, diabetes and hypertension diseases.

Obstetric and Gynae Deptt :- Dr Taru Chhaya, senior surgeon, persoanl care for simple and high risk pregnancies. 24 hrs availability for deliveries and Caesarian section. Proper antenatal and postnantal care. All type of operations relted to women. Fibroids, Tumors of Uterus and Ovaries, Hysterectomy abdominal and vaginal, non descent vaginal hysterectomy, Periniorraphy ( Repair of Loose Vagina ) , Repair of complete perinial tear, Vaginoplasty and Sling operation for stress incontinence.

Surgery Deptt : Dr Jaideep Mathur, senior general and laparoscopy surgeon. Various surgeries for Abscess, Appendix, Hernia, Intestinal gangrene, Piles, Fistula, Fisssure, Varicocele, Thyroid and Breast diseases.

Plastic Surgery Deptt:- Dr Arun Mathur, senior cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Scarless repairs, scar repairs, ear lobule repair, skin grafting, cleft lip and cleft palate and breast implant.

Paediatric Deptt:- Dr Sanjay Gupta, experienced child specialist and neonatologist.

Physiotherapy Deptt:- Dr Manish Gurjar for all kinds of physiotherapy and exercises i.e. backache, myalgias, joint pains, sciatica, frozen shoulder, muscle and joint diseases, antenatal and postnatal exercise, cerebral palsy.

Dietitian:- highly qualified dietician for all kinds of diseases i.e. Diabetes, Anaemia, Thyroid, Kidney and Liver diseases. Diet in Pregnancy, Weight loss programmes.

Diagnostics :- Semi automatic analyser quipped lab, ECG, EEG, Digital X Ray, Sonography, Colposcopy, Gastroscopy.


Special Services :-

  • Free Antenatal Camp every month on 9th morning.
  • Diabetes Camp every month on 25th with special education on diet and foot care.

Available Facilities :-

  • 24 hrs. Medical shop, Laboratory and Radiology services.
  • Fetal Doppler.
  • Round the clock Doctors and Trained Nurses, special and personal care.
  • Fully equipped 15 bed Hospital with central monitoring, ventilator defibrillator, cardiac monitor, pulse oxymeter, and all the essential and life saving drugs, manned by well trained and alert senior residents and highly professional nursing staff.
  • The well-furnished General wards, Semi Deluxe rooms, air cooled Deluxe rooms, air conditioned Super Deluxe Rooms.

Contact Details

Zip Code - 302019
Enquiries & Appointments Number - +91 0141-2293838, 6453838
Emergency Number- +91 0141-2293838, 6453838
Help Desk Number - +91 0141-2293838, 6453838
Complete Address -
B-106, Janpath, Shyam Nagar
B-106, Janpath, Shyam Nagar