Cosmetic Surgery/Plastic Surgery

What is Plastic surgery ?

Plastic surgery means correction or restoration of any disfigured part of the body. The disfigured part may be by birth or may be acquired by some accident or anything. Cosmetic surgery helps in beautifying appearance of human body gifted and wrapped by the GOD.

There are many type of surgery available in medical science but we are discussing few of them and they are: -

  1. Hair Transplant:- Baldness is very common in men and it effects them early or in late stage of life. It occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots. In hair transplant surgery hair roots are taken from the area where hairs are present and are transplanted to required area which helps in growing hairs on that part with the spam of time. 

  2. Breast augmentation:- Breast augmentation is done to balance the difference in size of breast. As per the Doctors recommendation some solution is implanted directly in the breast tissues to give them a firm look.

  3. Nose correction:- Nose is the centre point of face and disfigured nose can change the whole beauty of face into ugliness. The surgery can improve the beauty of your nose. It can shorten a wide nose, and widen a shorter nose it can even removes the bump from your nose and can even straighten the distorted nose.

  4. Aging Face Surgery:-With the growing age our skin looses its tightness. Surgery helps in tightening the skin and returning the beauty to our face neck or cheeks and other parts of body.

  5. Eye lid correction:- Wrinkles appearing on the upper and lower eyelids can easily be fixed and improved by cosmetic surgery. Eyelid surgery can make a remarkable difference in your appearance.

  6. Lip correction:- Thick or heavy lips can easily be corrected through this surgery . In this extra tissues or fats are removed in a proper line and helps in beautifying once appearance


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