Diet Control with super food


Add these 7 super foods to your diet to remain fit

If you are tired of eating an apple a day in order to remain fir then it’s time to find alternatives. Many healthy food options are available in super markets. Start consuming these super foods now which would aid in mental health, boost immunity and enrich your skin.


1. Frozen Berries (anti ageing agent) 1 Cup Berries has 50 calories.

It is always advised to have at least 4 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables in a day. Berries are an excellent source of anti oxidants and have just 50 calories in a cup of berries.Anti Oxidants help against the damage of free radicals. Frozen berries are as tasty as fresh berries.

2. Snow Peas (cancer fighting foods) Keeps stomach cancer away.

These are flat peas that have edible pods and are supposed to be eaten directly. They have special kinds of Phyto Nutrient Coumestrol. This protects against stomach cancer and should be eaten twice a week.

3. Whole grains (Reduces Belly Fat) Reduces Stomach fat with double speed.

According to a research by Pennsylvania state university eating whole grains helps reduce stomach fat with double the speed when compared to people who do not consume whole grains. Whole grains reduce insulin production which helps keeping weight to normal. Another research by university of Texas and science center says that eating whole grains reduces heart failure cases by 7%.

4. Pre biotic foods (Immunity Booster) If taken for 80 days wards off diseases by 42%.

According to researches people who consume pre biotic foods (onions, garlic etc) for at least 80 days are healthier by 42% than normal individuals. Respiratory infections and gastrointestinal diseases are reduced in them. Their immunity becomes better. Prebiotic foods have live microbes which help in growth of good bacteria.

5. Hazel nut (Hypertension) Best source of amino acids

Hazel nuts are a good source of amino acids. Blood vessels are relaxed and blood pressure is reduced upon consuming them. Vitamin E and B are found in them. Eating 15-20 nuts is enough for a day. They can also be eaten along with yogurt.

6. Chia (Sabja) Seeds (Boosts Brain Power) Good for brain, heart and skin.

It is a rich plant source of omega 3 fatty acids. According to research omega 3 fats are good for brain, heart and skin. These seeds are equivalent to the family of Basil (tulsi) seeds. Packets of Chia seeds are available in supermarkets. No special preparations are required for them. They should be soaked and then grinded or eaten directly or put over soups and salads.

7. Coconut Oil (Helps in Inflammation) Anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

This oil is fit for consumption as it doesn’t undergo chemical refining or bleaching process. It has loric fatty acid which is anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal. According to researches by Kerala university virgin coconut oil reduces lipid levels in serum and tissues. It should be added in salads and consumed.