Eye Health Guide

Eye Care:-

Vision is the most beautiful and important Gift of God. Beautiful creatures of the earth are appreciated because we can see them and feel them. But how many of us really take care of our eyes? Here are some simple tips which can keep your eyes healthy:-

  • Proper and routine eye check up:- Visit your eye doctor for regular dilated eye check up. You might feel that there is no problem but the eye diseases can be diagnosed only by the doctors at early age because eye diseases generally don’t have any warning signals. Immediately consult the doctors if you feel any changes in properly viewing the objects or often suffering from headaches or eye irritation etc.
  • Proper and balanced Diet: - Proper diet rich in minerals Vitamins and other Nutrition’s are very helpful for maintaining and improving vision capacity of eyes. Intake of more Fruits like oranges, strawberries, apples and in vegetables, green and leafy vegetables like carrot Spinach and collard greens in your daily diet and even intake of two almonds a day soaked in water overnight can help in maintaining healthy and beautiful eyes.

  • Stop smoking- Researchers have found that smoking is equivalently bad for eyes as it is for other parts of body. It can reduce the vision capacity of eyes at early age and can grow other nerve related diseases and cataract in eyes.

  • Use safety Glasses- Wear proper safety glasses at work places where the work environment call for so. Sun glasses are the style icon for today’s youth, but proper sun glasses should be worn by the person of every age group which can protect eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet rays, dust, strong winds etc.

  • When Watching TV—Watching TV is a part of our life. Here are some important tips which can increase the safety and pleasure of watching television:-

    • There should be proper lighting in the room.
    • The colour of the walls of television room should not be very dark or very light.
    • We should watch TV maintaining a proper distance
    • The position of TV and our face should be parallel to each other

  • While working on computers or laptops: - to work on laptops or computer is the need of today’s environment. But some points should be kept in mind while working on these gadgets to protect your eyes:

    • Take regular breaks while working continuously on computers/laptops and concentrate on far away object and blink your eyes for while to give rest to the eyes.
    • At regular intervals close your eyes and rest for at least five minutes in peace.
    • Use anti radiation screens on the monitor of your computers.
    • A proper distance of approximately 40 cm should be maintained between you and your computer screen


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