Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement:-

A person suffering from a severe pain in Knees and is unable to stand or walk properly for a very long period of time, shows that the weight bearing capacity of his knees is diminishing or reducing. The weight bearing capacity of the knees reduces due to many reasons. Few of them are: -

  • Growing Age
  • Over Weight/ Obesity
  • Other diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or psoriatic arthritis

In these cases when physical exercises and regular medicines fail, knee replacement surgery is the only option left.

Knee Replacement surgery can be performed depending upon the severity of disease in the patients . It can be Total or Partial Knee Replacement Surgery. When a person is suffering from a disease partly affecting the component or a part of knee partial surgery can be done otherwise total knee surgery is performed by the doctors.

Both type of Surgery includes replacement of the damaged joint surface of the knee by metal or plastic component molded and affixed in such a manner that it allows continuous and easy motion of knees. The surgery helps in reliving from the severe pain and helps in standing and walking properly. Total knee replacement replaces your diseased knee joint and eliminates the damaged bearing surfaces that are creating problems and pain.

It may take approximately two or more months to recover properly and may involve use of walking aids like crutches, walking frames etc for a limited period of time.


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