Questions to be asked from your doctor before taking antibiotics

The doctors need to quote the diagnosis in the medical slip to make it clear that it’s a bacterial infection whenever they prescribe antibiotics to patients. This will curb the effects of antibiotic resistance in the body. There are other factors to be taken care of as follows -

  • If you are pregnant or feeding your infant, then you should be aware of which antibiotics can be taken and which should be avoided.
  • It should be known to patient whether antibiotic is to be taken empty stomach or not.
  • Whether antibiotic is to be swallowed whole or chewed.
  • Ask your doctor if good bacteria aren’t being killed along with bad bacteria when one is prescribed medicines for diarrhea and avertness to food and whether any supplement are required for the same esp. lactobacillus bacterial supplement which are under the good category of bacteria.
  • It should also be confirmed whether antacids which have aluminum, magnesium and other nutrient supplements containing iron, zinc and calcium should be consumed along with antibiotics.
  • It should be confirmed whether antibiotic are hampering the effects of oral contraceptive pills.
  • It should be confirmed whether liquor can be consumed when taking antibiotics as some antibiotics have severe reactions along with alcohol including low BP, anxiety attacks, high pulse rate and vomiting etc.
  • Also confirm if certain antibiotics have any effects on lab tests as some antibiotics get the glucose level in urine test positive which is a case of faulty tests.
  • Also during the dosage of some antibiotics going out in sunlight is asked to be avoided as it can result in sun burn reaction and blistering etc.